The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #159Episode #159 “..Womprats Are the Biggest Problem In the Tri-State Area”


We watch Deathrace 3000; announce some SUPERMACHOJEDIKNIGHT.COM items; wonder about Batman Eternal; we start indie week with Extinction Agenda 3; Rev Gets Self congratulatory about Afterlife with Archie1 ; largely like Shadow Now 1; feel it has some nice concepts; Rocketeer and Spirit 2 makes us happy; Brother Lono 5 with dreams ans suspicions; Star Wars 10 , with daring escapes and dying pilots, running smugglers, and more! We spend a lot of time on Star Wars tonight, and “THE” Star Wars 2; Letter 44, with some questionable scientific team-choosing; We finally get to Sandman Overture 1, which i felt was talky and plodding. Baltimore- The Infernal Train 2; giant fights with police, vampires, crusaders, steam engines and more. SHOOT First 1; a lot of exposition and a lame concept of spiritual warfare. Buck Rogers 2, where they recruit spies to infiltrate the Han while Buck tries to convince the Americans of their true position. Pretty Deadly 1 with deaths daughter; Saga 15 having journalist run around like the lollipop league; Lazarus 4, with a frame up and explosions; Velvet 1 with SPIES SPIES SPIES! Uber 6 covering the Japanese panzermech program; Astro City 5 with the blasphemy boys; Kurt seems on acid for this issue? Sex Criminals 2, with the guys puerile back story. 3, number 1where the point is Spartans are horrible people; Satellite Aam 4, where nothing happens. God is Dead 2 with PANTHEON TEAM UP; and so much more.

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