ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 15 Origin Stories Part 4 – Apocalypse, Magneto, Emma Frost, and Firestar

ComicsVerse delves into the origins of several mutants from X-MEN comics.  First, Apocalypse’s origins in Egypt and relationship with the man who raised him are discussed.  The conversation turns to Magneto and the first manifestation of his powers.  After discussing Magneto, we turn to another former villain and present X-Man — Emma Frost.  Ironically, she is the main villain in Firestar’s (the newest X-Man) origin story from her self titled comic debut.

Comics read for this podcast:

  • X-Men: Rise of Apocalypse (#001 – #006)
  • X-Men: Magneto Testament (#001 – #006)
  • Classic X-Men (#012)
  • Emma Frost (#001 – #018)
  • Firestar vol. 1 (#001 -#004)

ComicsVerse hosts:

  • Justin Gilbert Alba
  • Anatole Ashraf
  • Kathleen Wisneski
  • Andrew Benson
  • Josh Cui

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