The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #158-“Grodd is free! GET THE GIANT BANANA COSTUME OUT OF STORAGE!”


We didn’t like TERMINAL INVASION, the Bruce Campbell airport scifi horror flick; watch “STALLED” the zombie movie about bathrooms; talk about the GREAT 2013 TRUE BLOOD CATCHUP marathon. Did you know there was an early 80s Robin Hood on hbo? I buy way too many star wars figures. We finally get to Books with Batman 24, with the batsymbol of red hoods, hilarious; Dark Knight 24, with the ever loving clayface, and we talk about the merits of trick umbrellas; Beware the Batman 1 a good all ages book; JL 24 our last issue with them; Green Lantern 24 with Hal feeling off in his dialog; Superman_Wonder Woman 1, with a lot of character moment s that never really gelled;  with a lot of flashbacks and Doomsday for some reason; Detective 24, the final battle with WRAITH; Batman_Superman 4, the final battle about/for/against the giant magic stone; LOTDK 13, one fast and fun and one slow and silly.

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