IC3 Ep. 135: “RETURN of the KING”


In 2013, tragedy after tragedy occured:
Boston was attacked by religious psychopaths.
We were given proof that the government spies on us.
Nelson Mandela, a living symbol of freedom, left this world.
My Little Pony was still a thing.

All of this, this…HORROR…all because of one man’s absence from the best comic book podcast.

To this we say NO MORE! NO! Not this year!

Not in 2014! THIS. ENDS. NOW!!!

Our King has returned to save the planet…

God is Dead #5
Alex + Ada #3
Doctor Who Special 2013
Shadowman #13x
Rat Queens #4

Hosted by Jeff, Ian, Sad Adam and our Glorious King!
This episode of IC3 could have been sponsored by: SQUATTY POTTY, KANOJO TOYS, and SADBOT 5.0!



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