The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #157-“Dr. Strange is the Marvel Burt Reynolds”


I watched Krull; we watch Grabbers together; Talk about THE DOG STARS, a neat little post apocalyptic thing; talk alot about old books and start wars novelizations and chaykin art and wow. We get shocked at the strange availability of spirit issues.

Once we get to books, we start catching up with Avengers 10, where not nearly enough people get blown up; Avengers 19 and 20 where the big plan is to give up even though Earth kicks everyone’s ass, Trial of the Punisher 1 where Frank turns himself in why precisely? It’s a mystery. Cap 11 with interrogations and alot of exposition and Nukes starts destroying an anonymous eastern european town. Uncanny Avengers 12 where AHAB, a character i’d never hoped to see again shows up;, Superior Spider-Man, F4 12, Thor 13, Malekith is free! Hulk 13, Where blades can cut time itself; Iron Man 15, a PEPPER suit extravaganza. X-Men: Battle of the Atom 1, with the world’s most oblivious new mutant; All New X-Men, with Jean Grey: Conspiracy Theorist. Uncanny Xmen, where they skip over all basic time ethics and time repercussions.

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