Everything Blows with Ross and Nick #14 – Dramatic

Everything Blows with Ross and Nick
Listen to Everything Blows #14 right now:

Ross Campbell and Nick Marino

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Nick’s Man of Steel screencaps and “Reaching Dreams” by Meejay7

Show Notes:

We review Man of Steel, a painful and disorienting Superman movie that makes about as much sense as The Room. (If only it was as good as The Room…)

Then we select the winners of our Bones Brigade giveaway! Thanks to all of you who shared your awesome embarrassing stories in last episode’s comments and shoutout to Jon Towers of Red Horse Radio for his crazy audio submission.

Daniel Arruda Massa wins the digital copy of Bones Brigade for his story about being a skateboarding mailman, and Mark Sterling wins Bones Brigade AND Bonus Brigade on DVD for his disdain of shameless 90s skateboard marketing.

After that we talk about… comic news!

And following the end theme, we do a magical dramatic reading of the romantic Wonder Woman and Superman fan comic, Reaching Dreams.

Next Episode:
We review Iron Man 3 (hopefully, with the help of a special guest) and announce some kind of fanart contest with over 30 vintage early 90s Iron Man comic books as the prize! (Basically, the entire Len Kaminski run of Iron Man comics.)

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