IC3 Episode 130: “The Sadcast IV: Glass Sock”


Dante has returned, and he did with a vengeance!
That is, if the definition of “vengeance” isn’t actually “with great power or force” and is instead “with some power (bottoming) and cold sores.”

No but really tho gaiz, Daint is back and he has to address some things we talked about without him, which turns out is mostly Doctor Who related.

Then Jeff takes us on an unexpected journey into how he spent several years of his childhood which involve alcohol, broken bottles, and dad.

Oh yeah! Twerking dinosaurs are brought up, too! So THAT’S fun, right?!

Black Science #2
Saga #17
Eternal Warrior #4
The Sixth Gun #36
Wonder Woman #26
Young Avengers #14
Thor: God of Thunder #16

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