The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #156-“Been There, Done That, Didn’t Get Natalie Portman”

I go off on the horribleness of Sharknado. I bitch about Olivia Munn, The Walking Dead video game, and No More Room In Hell. Reminisce about Charlton comics and watch a documentary of people going to find Frankenstein’s monster in the arctic.

After that boredom we talk about The Wake 3 and 4; with the mers attacking, en masse, and some exposition about Dutchmen that dress like Thulsa Doom. Star Wars 9, where Leia discovers the secret of the alderaanian tree; look at Baltimore: The Infernal Train, with Budapest under twin plagues of Vampires and disease; Takio finally showed up, and we loved it. We’ll tell you no more. Saga 14, with their standard 4 plot threads all weaving toward each other with aplomb and style; Rat Queens, a fun book with swearing, girls, blood and assassins.

Revival 14, where the shmoos seem to want to inhabit Jordan’s body. Zero seemed pretty solid initially, but on second perusings turns…bleh, standard, needing novelty. Sidekick 2, a fumbled seduction centers this book where Flyboy is enlisted by Cowl’s girlfriend. Uber 5, Britain finally joins in the fray with Ubers of their own when Sieglinde and the PanzerMenchen tear up Paris. We experiment with God Is Dead, one of Hickman’s own; Yahwe is conspicuously absent from this issue. Sex Criminals, a Fraction joint that belies it’s title; Reality Check 1, desperately in need of novelty and snappy dialog; Brother Lono 4, complex, violent, creepy and spooky all at once.

Astro City 4 with MIND OVER MATTIE. a great tale of ass kickers choosing to do something else. Satellite Sam 3, with quickies, the preacher’s backstory, and who was with the old man! Captain Midnight 3, Death by polar bear. nuff said. Lazarus 2 and 3-the grand political meanderings and in fighting and hints at intimacy between Forever and the other Lazarus.

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