Sequential Underground #80 – Stripped Down

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Sequential Underground
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Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino

Show Notes:
Shawn assisted cartoonist Rick Stromoski, creator of Soup to Nutz, at the Steel City Con and that got him thinking about comic strips. See, Shawn’s comics foundation is in creating comic books. Here’s some of his early Gello Apocalypse work:

But Nick’s foundation is in comic strips. Most of his early comics were three, four, or six panel gags.

In this episode, we share our experiences with comic strips. We discuss the differences in writing, drawing, pacing, and distributing comic strips vs. comic books (or whatever you wanna call comics made up of pages!).

Shawn and Nick have even collaborated on comics strips in the past. Shawn wrote and Nick arted a seven-part series of Super Haters comic strips in 2011:

We’d love to hear your experiences creating comic strips, so make sure to comment with your thoughts on the comic strip creation process and we’ll read your comments on the next episode.

And finally, after the end theme… more Culinary Underground!

At the time of this recording, the Love & Monsters Kickstarter campaign (featuring comics by Shawn and music by Nick) hadn’t been funded. But in the past 24 hours, thanks to the generosity and support of our listeners and friends, the project has reach it’s funding goal. THANKS!

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