The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on The Edge of Civility-Episode #155-“You Talk To Alison Blair Now. Have A Dazzling Time”


We talk a tiny tiny bit about Techjedi’s video gaming;(his nephews beat the shit out of him) watch The Mole Men of Belmont Avenue. Finally getting to books we look at the following. We talk the molting members of the Fantastic Four in FF 11, our last issue of that; In All New X-Men 15 Kitty and old Bobby make just about everyone nervous, especially with her complete lack of responsibility in telepathic privacy; so they go to a fair. Uncanny Avengers 11 has the Bopsy Twins trying to manipulate Wanda, while Dark Sentry pounds Thor. We get a triple threat with Uncanny X-Men 9-10-11, with Dazzler doing a poor job of being a SHIELD agent; Eva and Illyana do some training, while Maria Hill and Magneto have a tete a tete. Moving on to Superior Spider-Man 15 and 16, The Tinkerer, Ty Stone, Phil Urich, all competing to kill or exploit Spider-Man, culminating in the reappearance of GOBLINITA! Avengers 17 and 18 With Superia stealing the Perth droid/robot whatever; Cap goes to Mars to get Abyss and Ex Nihilo; The conglomerate Armada fails to beat the builders; New Avengers 9, with way to many plot threads. Iron Man 14, where Tony kinda disappoints me but what could he do? Indestructible Hulk 11 and 12 where time is broken and irritates me. Cap 10, Where Sharon sets up Cap’s escape from Zolaland. Thor 11 and 12 Current Thor finally kills Gor in an amazing way that blows our minds; Thor walks the earth like Kane.


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