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Everything Blows with Ross and Nick
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Ross Campbell and Nick Marino

We’ve got two awesome prizes for two awesome listeners! Our grand prize winner will get both Bones Brigade and Bonus Brigade on DVD. Our runner up will get a digital copy of Bones Brigade.

How do you win? Leave us a comment on the AudioShocker about your most embarrassing skateboarding experience! (If you don’t have a skating story, then tell us your most embarrassing high school story.) Deadline is Monday, December 23rd. We’ll announce the winner on Christmas 2013!!!

Show Notes:
After a conversation about Ross’s earwax, we review the documentary Bones Brigade: An Autobiography and its behind-the-scenes companion, Bonus Brigade.

In Bones Brigade, we follow the history of the infamous 80s skateboarding team of the same name through interviews and archival footage. While the film features a lot skaters, it focuses on a core lineup of Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, and Tommy Guerrero. It’s directed by team leader Stacy Peralta (who also made Dogtown and Z-Boys). And Bonus Brigade is a documentary about the documentary, featuring more interview footage combined with video of the original documentary’s debut.

At 42:00, we wrap up our Bones Brigade review and shift to comic news (which, of course, means means news about everything except comic books). We complain about the major comic book news sites, from the mainstreamy-est to the indie-est.

We also review a comic book review (meta!) by our buddy Kelly Thompson, who writes eloquently about a book we’ve never heard of called Marvel Knights: X-Men #2. And after the end theme, Justique talks about the time Nick tried to get her to enter a wet t-shirt contest.

Next Episode:
We really wanna review Iron Man 3 and give away a bunch of Iron Man comics, but the movie’s so damn expensive. So uhhhhh we’ll talk about something else.

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