Gello Shots #15 – Fat Cats

Gello Shots
Listen to Gello Shots #15 right now:

Shawn Atkins

Cynthia Lee

Show Notes:
Cynthia is the organizer of the Kickstarter campaign for Love & Monsters, a comics and music anthology featuring crazy creatures and riotous romance. Here’s a heart-tugging moment from Shawn’s story:

After a shoutout to Casey Standish and his art novel, CHA0S: EOS, Cynthia and Shawn talk about crappy apartments and slumlords.

Then Cynthia reveals that — thanks to an insightful comment by Jared Catherine she’s realized that she needs to make her comics beautiful to understand the story and the characters. She asks Shawn what he needs to make his stories click, and he says… ACTION! Like this Kirby fight scene:

Shawn talks a little bit about the Archaia graphic novel Tumor by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Noel Tuazon. It stars a noir-style P.I. solving one last crime before his brain tumor ends his life.

Cynthia reviews three minicomics by Jerel Dye, a cartoonist who sat next to Shawn and Cynthia at this year’s SPX. These experimental stories take a lot of artistic chances as they lyrically tackle some serious themes.

And finally… a special guest appearance by a choo-choo train!

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