The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting On The Edge of Civility-Episode #154-“Ill Defined Alien Menace: A Comic Book Staple”


We finally get around to looking at the DC special cover-y thing month thing stuff jobbers. Remember the lack dialog in the hobbit; recant the tale of the nycc disaster that was my knees; we finally get to some books, with Green Lantern 23-escaped lanterns and a lack of skill in the newbs; Superman Unchained 3, where Supes is briefed on Wraith, Lois ruins the infrastructure, and there is the threat of a new kind of drone. Batman-Superman 3, where everyone’s pissy at each other and the NSA is growing a new crystal thingamabob. Batman 23 has the Hoods beating the crap out of Bruce and sets fire to everything, and a poor hallucinatory and or cgi bat instead of a real bat. LOTDK 11 has a Calendar Man story from 5 perspectives; Dark Knight 23 turned out to be a pretty good Clayface story. Detective 23 gives us more wrath, where business can’t be done without sparring, and the lack of knowledge of electricity. Looking at the lenticulars we cover Deadshot, Ivy, Sinestro, Doomsday, Darksied, Ventriloquist, Joker; Hit Batman Black and White 1, with Neal Adams tripping balls and commenting on the legal system.

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