Everything Blows with Ross and Nick #12 – Defunct

Everything Blows with Ross and Nick
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Ross Campbell and Nick Marino

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Show Notes:
Ross talks about his fascinating aborted comics and rejected pitches!

In loose chronological order, Ross details his cornucopia of defunct projects. At the beginning of his career, he passed on drawing Local for Brian Wood. His pitch for a giant monster story called Shibbahyip was rejected by Tokyopop, and so was his original pitch to Oni for Wet Moon.

Ross relives the development hell of Dead Tired, a pitch he worked on with Vertigo at DC Comics for years until he couldn’t recognize the story any more. He also talks about his Vertigo pitch for Swamp Things (yes, “Things”), which was rejected in favor of a China MiĆ©ville Swamp Thing comic book that never happened.

Ross has had numerous misses with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, starting years ago at Mirage Studios up through last year when he was offered an opportunity to draw the main series at IDW. Luckily, Ross was able to get the TMNT thing to finally happen and his four issue IDW Turtles story begins next month!

But wait… there’s more! Ross passed up an opportunity to draw an issue of the most recent Young Avengers series, plus he declined to work on the new Marvel Knights Hulk miniseries. And there was also an offer to draw an issue for DC’s Villain Month that Ross turned down.

Nick describes a few of his own rejected pitches for animated shorts over at Frederator Studios, including one you can read called The Demon From My Butt.

After that, Ross and Nick rant about annoying comic book news and try to figure out what the #$%& is going on with Scarlet Witch’s O-face.

Also… Virtual Joker and Firewall Robin?!? WTF???

Next Episode:
Maybe Kelly Thompson will join us to talk about the science of fandom. Or maybe we’ll review Iron Man 3 and give away a buttload of Nick’s Iron Man comic books. Or maybe we’ll talk about something else entirely.

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