VACANT Bits #26 – Thor Too

Listen to VACANT Bits #26 right now:

Heather Nunnelly and Michelle Nunnelly

Show Notes:
We start off by answering more questions from LoudlySilent, who asks:

  1. Rihanna and Drake recently spent $17,000 at a strip club. What would you do with an extra 17k?
  2. What’s your favorite mindfuck movie? Examples: Memento, Inception, Donnie Darko, etc.

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Then we talk about Thor: The Dark World. Agreeing that Thor 2 was a fun movie, we go over minor inconsistencies that take place in Thor and Loki’s relationship.

Michelle commends the movie for leaning more towards comedy than the first film and avoiding “taking itself too seriously,” as a woman at the movie theater said loudly while waiting in the line for the ladies room.

Despite Jane having far too much camera time and constantly passing out, Thor 2 is a good family film that won’t waste your money.

At 42:00, we suddenly remember that VACANT Bits is supposed to be about the VACANT comic series!

We discuss the VACANT hiatus, how Heather works hard to avoid the heavy-handed symbolism styles of Shutter Island and Hannibal, and we ponder why people always assume VACANT is going to delve into the past and reveal some juicy secrets about the characters.

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