Gello Shots #14 – Deadbeats

Gello Shots
Listen to Gello Shots #14 right now:

Shawn Atkins and Jared Catherine

Show Notes:
Shawn brings Jared along for a thrill ride of a podcast that begins with some nostalgic conversation about childhood balls errrrr uhhh I mean childhood games played with balls like power volleyball and dodgeball!

Then Shawn explains the new format of Gello Shots, which will involve more crazy conversation and potentially less behind-the-scenes Gello Apocalypse webcomics discussion. For example…

…next up Shawn talks about The Munsters! Unlike the elitist Addams Family from that OTHER monster TV show, Herman and Lily are just trying to make sure that their family scraps by in the rabble scrabble rat race of 1960s America.

After that, Jared reviews Frank Santoro’s Pompeii, a new minimalist historical graphic novel about Italy’s famous lost city.

Then Shawn dishes about some old school Doctor Strange comics that he discovered in an odd format — a paperback novel. These charming and crazy stories spill forth from the mad mind of Steve Ditko (and maybe sorta Stan Lee), making it obvious why the character’s been so enduring.

Following the end theme, Shawn and Jared discuss their comics included in the Love & Monsters anthology that’s currently funding on Kickstarter. Check it out and please consider becoming a backer.

Also, don’t miss the new podcast series — Figure It Out — debuting this Tuesday, November 26th featuring the dynamic duo responsible for this fine episode!

(And buy Shawn’s new graphic novel, Gello Apocalypse v1: Jumping the Shark!)

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