The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #153-“All We Know About Wedge Antilles Was That He Could Not Be Killed”


In this episode we note that I argue. Shock there. Especially about movie adaptations, mentioning costumes and power armor and zombies etc. I mention some Agents of Shield’s pilot. which i’ve already stopped. Spend a lot of time discussing how shield works. Eventually we get to books, starting with Uber 4, with Stephanie revealing the Ubermensches’ secrets and weaknesses. Saga 13 with a small break from crazy action, except for the bone bugs. Revival 13 where everyone is now dating each other; Satellite Sam 2, where everyone pretty much just jockeys for position; Sidekick 1, with the travails of kicking for heroes-which brings us to a small discussion on kicks growing up; BPRD VAMPIRE 5, which had Trevor as a hero we like, but a creepy ghost psycho girl. Captain Midnight 1 and 2 surprise us and TJ has a lot of fun aside from the shadow pastiche; Brother Lono 3, which just has too much to say; Lobster Johnson Scent of Lotus 2, where the tong send monkeys to fuck lobsters’ world UP YO. Chaykin’s Buck Rogers, which wow, really hews close to the novel. Itty Bitty Hellboy 1, which was cute but didn’t make us laugh; Lady Rawhide 1, a lean direct origin with a little action. Star Wars 8, where i question the diversionary ehtics of luke and wedge’s escape. Astro City 3-the call center issue, Trillium 1; which had a great start till time travel came into it. Come check us out on Facebook, twitter @themeanergeek , leave us voicemail at 203 533 42810 and mail us at, and occasionally see what we have to say textually at

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