Trentus Magnus Punches Reality- Episode 14- Superman Begins Interlude- Magnus Remembers Superman Returns

In this latest ball-hammering show, Magnus takes a look back at Superman Returns. What went wrong? What went right (if anything)? Was Superman Returns worth the wait?

As a note of caution, fans of Superman Returns may not like the answers Magnus gives to those questions. You’ve been warned.

But before even getting into that, Magnus addresses the virtual deluge of feedback and praise from his loyal subjects, and also explains why it has taken so long for it to be acknowledged.

Finally, Superman Begins as a miniseries grew far beyond what was originally planned. Because of that, the remaining episodes will drop on Tuesday 11.05, Friday 11.08, Tues 11.12, Friday 11.15 and Tuesday 11.19.2013 to get everything out there. After Episode 17/Superman Begins 06, the final chapter of the miniseries, is released, the weekly release day of Tuesday will resume… just in time for the migration over to the Two True Freaks podcast network.

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