Feed It Comics ep.16 – “The Conjuring of Juan Daeho”


A casual inquisition to be certain, but we needed to make it official. That’s right, Juan Daeho’s induction into the Order of Caretakers

What better night than Halloween? Halloween is a safe time for mortals. The rituals of tricking and or treating keep the paranormal at bay. Doc Fluxx tends to the ritual chamber dressed as broccoli, surrounded by several piles of unread comics, virtually conjoined with the primary host of Super Podcasto Magnifico. A fine way for two wisened 30-somethings who love comics to spend the evening!

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Disclaimer: Of course I know who John Buscema is, I was screwing with Juan.

Topics we cover:

  • X-Men DoFP Trailer
  • Thor Takes a Leak
  • Hijinx
  • DC Travels West
  • News?
  • The Inquisition of Juan Daeho!
  • Ragemoor
  • Curtis Comics
  • Three Amigos
  • Halloween
  • Drinking Problems

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Music is clearly from a lot of horror movie soundtracks. Poltergeist, the Omen, The Shining, Tales From the Crypt, Phantasm 2 and so on. Sue me, I got nothing.

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