The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #151-“Batman Has Gone From Sherlock Holmes to Mike Hammer”


In this episode we remember books from Comic-Conn, 7 soldiers of Victory, Sweet-Tooth, Astro City: The Dark Age, and are NOT happy with our movie choices. Rev likes Terminal City and leave it to chance; talk about our toilet reading, and no, that’s not a euphemism. We recap Micronauts and their history, Some Bwahahah Justice League; we finally get into some DCs with GL 22, mysterious ring failures and noobs and all; Justice League 22, with a final full issue book; Superman Unchained, which we can’t decide if it’s silver agey goodness or just out and out goofiness; Batman 66 #1, which is desperate to be silver agey but is neither fun nor funny;Batman/Superman 2, with trickster gods-SUCH A NEW CONCEPT-dopplegangers and more; Dark Knight 22, which is a nice Clayface story; Batman and….22, with more carrier kelly, the hipsters hero; Legends of the Dark Knight 10, with some really kooky names we think might have been typos; Detective 22 with the new rich villain in town double crossing everyone;Batman 22, where I really, really dislike a petulant Bruce so over the edge he would snap at Alfred.

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