Deconstructing Comics #377: International Comics Fest pt 1

TimOn October 20, Tim and Mulele visited the International Manga Festival (Kaigai Manga Festa) at Tokyo Big Sight. Comics creators from around the world were exhibiting their work to an enthusiastic mostly-Japanese crowd. This week: part one of our report.

Info on all the exhibitors we talk to in this episode is below!

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9:10 Ryan Cecil Smith (USA)
Graeme McNee (Scotland)
SF (issue 1 review on Critiquing Comics | Ryan interviewed by Kumar)
Minimal Comics (Critiquing Comics review)

Graeme & Ryan

Graeme & Ryan

24:58 Patrick Ijima-Washburn (USA)
Tomoko Hirabayashi (Japan)
Hexenringe | The festival on Pat’s blog
Encyclopedia of Witches & Wizards
IMF03_Otomo_PatWPat W (r) met Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) at the festival!
29:34 Steven Cummings (USA) Udon Entertainment
IMF04_cummingsSteven Cummings (l)
31:10 Sketchfro (USA) Where the Wind Takes Us

“SketchFro” (Christopher Taylor)

33:14 Yoshimi Nakase (Japan) Sand Dust
Yoshimi NakaseYoshimi Nakase
36:30 David Namisato (Canada) The Long Kingdom, Life After the BOE
David NamisatoDavid Namisato
38:17 Kim Hoang (and Mimi) from Love Love Hill (Canada) Love Love Hill on Tumblr
Kim & MimiKim & Mimi
44:01 Miguel Sternberg (Canada) Spooky Squid Games
Miguel SternbergMiguel Sternberg
45:04 Christine Love (Canada) Love Conquers All Games
Christine LoveChristine Love
45:56 Miles Baker (Canada) Toronto Comic Arts Festival
Miles BakerMiles Baker
47:50 Akiko Shimojima (Japan)
Shimojima & WilsonAkiko Shimojima & Sean Michael Wilson (hear him at 50:50, below)
49:12 Carl (Philippines) Philippine comics
The Philippine comics tableCarl (center) and friends at the Philippine comics table
50:50 Sean Michael Wilson (Scotland) 47 Ronin, Fight the Power
53:27 Foo Swee Chin (Singapore) Muzz
Foo Swee ChinFoo Swee Chin
55:53 Ryusuke Hamamoto (Japan)
Ryusuke HamamotoRyusuke Hamamoto
1:00:24 Angelo “Mokutan” Levy (Brazil) Iara
Angelo LevyAngelo “Mokutan” Levy
1:02:58 Adam Pasion Big Ugly Robot Publishing | Uzomuzo | Yakuza Moon
Big Ugly RobotThe Big Ugly Robot/Uzomuzo crew, including Adam Pasion (far left)
and Michiru Morikawa (far right)

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