Sidekickcast Episode #86 – Shut UP, Steve


With Bones away Dan had to make the arrangements for this episode.  So, he started by breaking the rule about number of people on the show, recorded in the ghetto and plied all and sundry with alcohol.  It gets a little more than messy!

With special guest stars Steve and Lloyd the sidekicks stumble their way through the world of geek in the manner your used to.

The guys start with their early memories of comics before moving onto the news.

In the news it’s knives out as Dan compares Agents of SHIELD to Buffy before moving onto the finale of Breaking Bad.  Bones discussing his latest purchase: 2000AD’s Zenith. Then the boys talk about the difficulties with Gotham TV show.

In stack attack they guys hit up Savage Wolverine #9, Superman & Wonder Woman #1, Battle for the Atom Tie in; All New X-Men #17, Riddler & Penguin #1’s, Sex Criminals #1 and Bones tries out the new evolution in comic book storytelling by Madefire comics.

Fan fave secrets and lies, twisting the twist this week with Dan outnumbered, but will he be outgunned?


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