Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #13

Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program
Listen to the Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #13 right now:

Hank 300 and Nick Marino continue their webcomics discussion from ATCRP #10 as they turn their attention towards Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half.

After reading a brief note from The Illiterate Badger creator Nate Ragolia, we dive into Hyperbole and a Half’s twisted lo-fi humor. We explore Allie’s evolution as a blogger, storyteller, and cartoonist on the eve of her debut as a published author.

How does the hybrid comics / blog format work to Allie’s advantage? What does the quality of her work tell us about content curation in the digital age? Was her viral success inevitable or simply a product of meme mentality? And as the internet becomes increasingly homogenized and corporate, have online tastemakers become the rightful gatekeepers of entertainment?

NEXT: Battle Angel Alita v2: Tears of an Angel chapters 1-2.

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