The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civilty-Episode 150!-“Look Kids! Parliament! Big Ben! Wedge Antilles!”


In this episode we recap cat pee, star wars collectible memories, my birthday, while¬† recording outside on the deck with plenty of beer. 20 minutes worth or more. It’s all about old nerd stories this time round. We talk a bit about Comic-CONN real quick, then jump to books.We finally get to indie books with Spirit/Rocketeet1, simple little adventure along the marvel, oh-you’re-a hero-let’s-fight mode. Lobster Johnson-Scent of Lotus; Chinese mobs and crooked cops; Brother Lono 2, lono kills a guy. big surprise. Ghosted 1, a curious book with paranormal criminals and a guy wants to own a ghost. Skull Kickers Dark, with a neat little bar. Satellite Sam, a neo noir books about the runners of a 50s scifi show; Uber 3, where Stephanie makes it back to London and hips Churchill to the situation. Finally, Revival 12, with precisely a years’ worth of no answers.

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