Gravity movie review, Breaking Bad farewell and Maito Guy and Strong Guy are not related

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Okay! We’re back in business baby!


Possible Birthday episode?

C Bombs’ “Tales from Hong Kong!!!!’


UFP Crew Questions

–          Superhero training

–          Most talent-less hacks

–          Stan Lee is ageless

–          Rebel Wilson’s success is disappointing on so many levels

–          Event to save DC

–          UFP t-shirts ???


The Landscaper webcomic

Vaderbomb – Fantastic band


Breaking Bad finale

The Blacklist TV show review

Sleepy Hollow TV show review

Atlantis TV show review



Gravity Movie review (@ 1 hour 6 mins)


Nerd News! (@ 1 hour 32 mins)


Foxs’ new “Gotham” series

New York comic con news

–          Global: Hickman/Spencer/Caselli

–          End of Superior Spider man: Slot/Camuncoli

–          Silver Surfer: Slot/Allred

–          She Hulk: Soule/Pulido

–          Corporate: David/Di Giandomenico


Game pad for iPhone/iOS7

Legend of Zelda: A link between worlds shakes up the traditional Zelda gameplay

Australia pirated Breaking Bad more than any other country in the world

Sonic to join latest Smash Brothers cast

World of Warcraft movie announced


Comic review

Sex Criminals: 5/5

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