The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on The Edge of Civility-Episode #149 “…But Bendis says, F*** It, Let’s Buy an Island”


Episode #149
In this episode we attempt to watch BELPHEGOR: LA PHANTOME DE LOURVE; not an awesome mummy flick, where everyone is rather insouciant about spirits comin out of sarcophagi. It was a slow nerd week for us. We go into Superior Spider man 11 and 12; note how slott has written peter into a corner for his return; Avenging Spiderman 22, where the replacement mysterio gets manhandled, and frank castle does his normal thing; Thor 9, with Thor-Cubed engaging the final assault as Gor sacrifices more gods; Iron Man 11, witht the continuing saga of Howard Starks’ Rat Pack; Uncanny XMen7 with creepy strange counseling Illyana while everyone else fights in limbo; All New XMen  12 and 13, with the spectacular revelation by young jean of M DAY; New Avengers 7, which wastes four pages of my goddamned time just to tell me there’s been no incursions for a month and black swan was still crazy.Avengers 13 nadn 14, where 3 more pages are wasted before telling us that terminus is being powered by the missing kids. Cap 8, where cap gets his ass handed to him for 18 pages and ian gets blown to fuck. Fantastic Four , with an ever recriminating Ben while the council of Dooms watch their own origin. Hulk 9, where banner starts getting just a little cocky with maria, probably to his detriment later. Zemo shows up, and i like that. Winter Soldier 19, with a newly formed cosmic cube ; We end with Uncanny Avengers 9, where the apocalypse twins (christ on a stick) lounge around while immortus give the avengers some assistance. , and we get the debut of the new dead 4 horsemen.

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