Sequential Underground #74

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Sequential Underground
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Shawn Atkins, Jared Catherine, and Cynthia Lee share about their experiences at two different indie comics festivals that went down this month.

Shawn tries to cram his comics into a wee 1/6 of the table at SPX.

The three amigos split a half-table at the 2013 Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. They had a wonderful time meeting new cartoonists, interacting with attendees, and heckling people who walked past their table.

Shawn and Jared also teamed up for the 2013 Pittsburgh Zine Fair. It had a distinctly different vibe from SPX but it was just as rewarding as they peddled their comics and interacted with cartoonists (and zinesters!) in their local community.

Shawn publicly tortures his reluctant intern Bruce at the PGH Zine Fair.

For more about these two indie comic conventions, check out last year’s Sequential Underground #50 where we pitted SPX vs. the PGH Zine Fair in a battle for 2012 indie con supremacy!

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