Wayne’s Comics #100 With J.T. Krul And Scott Snyder

Wayne's Comics, Wayne Hall, Scott Snyder, J.T. Krul, Superman, Batman, Soulfire, DC Comics

It’s the 100th episode!

This time, I have a fun conversation with J.T. Krul, who has written many excellent tales, but most recently has been working on Superman Beyond, Jirni, Soulfire and a novel! We even talk a little bit about the recent Man of Steel movie, so be sure to listen in!

Then I give brief reviews of the books I thought were great that arrived in comics shops on Wednesday, August 11, followed by the latest  “News & Previews!”

Everything wraps up with a blast from the past … a portion of my interview with Scott Snyder from Episode 29 in which he discusses the life experiences that helped him become a writer and what he thinks about Batman makes him such a special character!


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