The Hour Cosmic, Episode 41: Hollywood is Easy with Ben Blacker

Welcome to another installment of The Hour Cosmic, your favorite comics game show! This week, our guest is Ben Blacker, co-creator of “The Thrilling Adventure Hour” and sometimes writer for Marvel Comics!

On this week’s show, among other things, we discuss:

– Describing Green Lantern constructs aloud!

– The never-aired Roald Dahl-penned episode of The Incredible Hulk!

– Why Hawkman loves Baby Ruths!

Let’s meet our guest, shall we?

Ben Blacker is a Hollywood big shot, currently living in Los Angeles, California. One half of the creative team behind the stage show, podcast, and graphic novel “The Thrilling Adventure Hour,” Ben also writes a bit for Marvel, including the “Wolverine: Season One” graphic novel, and upcoming annuals for “Deadpool” and “Thunderbolts.” He can be found on Twitter (@BenBlacker), and please check out the “Thrilling Adventure Hour” podcast, as well as the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast. And make sure to get the “Thrilling Adventure Hour” graphic novel from Archaia!

As always, your hosts are:

Matthew Meylikhov – Bostonian, cat and beard enthusiast, co-writer of “Detective Space Cat” with Colin Bell, writer of “Morning Glories Babies,” “Morning Glories Academy Study Hall” (both backmatter for the Image Comics series “Morning Glories“) and “Control,” and letterer extraordinaire. He reads more comics than anyone on the planet, and has sworn off White Castle for life.

Brian Salvatore – New Jerseyan, New York Mets enthusiast, host of “Input/Output,” a music podcast, and occasional blogger/freelance writer. He has never met a dog he didn’t like (even that one that bit his leg when he was 10), and has baked better bread than he ever thought possible.

Chad Bowers – South Carolinian, GI Joe enthusiast, co-writer of “Subatomic Party Girls” “Down Set Fight,” and “Awesome Hospital” with Chris Sims, and writer of “Monster Plus.” He teaches us cool expressions like “Oh, snakes!” and has a lot of opinions about barbeque.

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