Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #9

Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program
Listen to the Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #9 right now:

Scalpedcast: The End pt 2

This is it! Our final discussion about Scalped (you can find the first 8 discussions here). Final unless Jason Aaron and Guéra email us back and take us up on the interview offer they tentatively accepted before our reviews began, that is.

Hank and Nick take a look at the series as a whole, trying to understand how its early momentum led to its unsatisfying ending.

Hank does his best to put a positive spin on the journey he took with Scalped, deciding that the strong art and sheer length of this finite series make it an impressive body of work.

NEXT: Fed up with comic book critical darlings, we turn our focus to the webcomics underground and discuss The Illiterate Badger.

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