ARP – 06 – Wonder Woman Gods and Mortals

DC comics rebooted their continuity in 1986 with Crisis on Infinite Earths. Wonder Woman was killed in the mini-series and her book was not restarted until 1987. Join Dylan and John as they review and react to the first story arc from the reboot of Wonder Woman. Issues 1-7 give Wonder Woman’s origin as well as follow her as she tries to save the world from Ares’ evil plan.

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Talking Points




  • A bit of sexism (Etta has to demand a weapon from Michaelis #5)
  • Who was going to stop the Soviets from firing their missle?
  • Ares’ plan (nuclear war)



  • Merging the Greek Mythology into Wonder Woman’s origins.
  • Wonder Woman figuring out how to use her powers.
  • Wonder Woman having to learn English
  • Re-design of Col. Trevor and Etta Candy



  • Grounding of the story in the cold war
  • Wonder Woman not being a founding member of the Justice League
  • William Moulton Marstan
  • Bondage and symbolism



Join us on September 22nd for a supplemental covering some major comics news that has come out recently from Marvel and DC.


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