The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #148-“Least Scaredy Space Cop”


In this episode we can’t stand Cannibal something something for our flick; review my new computer; talk marathon game sessions; then jump into the DCs. Batman Team Up with Barbara’s confrontation of Bruce; Dark Knight 21 where Bruce loses it even on ALFRED, of all people; more hallucinations for batsy; Batman-Zero Year-21; who the hell is uncle philip? Why is Thomas a mechanic? Detective 21, with Mio the sword sharpener girl; LOTDK9One good story, one average story. JL 21where it’s finally taken 2 years to get to the Marvel Family, with a complete absence of the JL. Cmon. GL 21-where we’re all blase about aliens. We look at Superman Unchained; which we feel is a really good Supes book; and finally get to Superman/Batman 1
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