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Comic News Insider: Episode 496 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Detectobot #0 & #1, Itty Bitty Hellboy #1, Justice League #23, Overtaken #1

Jimmy tricks original co-host/CNI founder/old & now new roommate Joe Gonzales to come back again this week! Don’t get used to it, kids. He’s just helping out while we get the apartment organized. Jimmy chats about his start of re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the glory of SMG in short skirts. News includes: James Spader is Ultron, Bradley Cooper is Rocket Raccoon, Spider-Man helps pay for a wedding and NYCC adds RFID to badges to cut down on counterfeits. As always, listener feedback, Top 3 and more. Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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