Comic Book Road Show JT Krul

Creator JT Krul returns to talk about his prose story The Lost Spark a fantasy adventure which is enjoyable for all ages. What the experience was like to write his first novel Lost Spark



We also talk about his participation in the Aspen comics 10 for 10 program which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the company, which has 10 issues published all for a dollar an issue. Some are from the past catalog like Soulfire which JT is the writer and some new titles like JIRNI which JT also pens.

SoulfireV4-06a-DeBalfo JIRNI-02a-Pantalena




And also he shares his thoughts on wrapping up the DC digital first series Superman Beyond.

1308120-superman_batman_annual4047_super twitter:@jtkrul You can also hear the show on Stitcher

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