IC3 Episode 114: The Pancake Code

We rail on Dante a lot in this episode (and not in the way you’re thinking, CREEP!), but its mostly Dante railing on himself (yes, in the way you’re thinking, CREEP!)

Dante and Jeff also talk about how Doctor Who has affected their friendship love life, and Jeff passes pancake wisdom down to you that was passed down to him and that you will pass down to your shitty kids and stupid grandkids.

Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #8
Captain Marvel #15
Sex #6
Federal Bureau of Physics #2
Deadpool #15
Young Avengers #9
Ultimate Comics Spider-man #26
Red Lanterns #23
New Avengers #9
Wonder Woman #23
Thanos Rising #5

Come back next week and join in us for our

Hosted by Jeff, Dante, and Ian!


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