The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #147-“Clint Eastwood Rides in Missing a Libido or A Kneecap or Whatever”


Episode #147
This time around we’re initially disappointed by SUPERHERO PARTY CLOWN. Remember some old Johns Avengers that didn’t hit me. TJ reads even more Dr. Strange. Go back to the well on the original Star Wars Expanded Universe books; we finally start comics with Revival 11, with a small shift in storyline; Breath of Bones, the golem story that bored us to tears; Brother Lono 1, bringing back positive 100 bullets Azzarello memories. Baltimore, THE INQUISITOR, which was merely tangential to the rest of the Baltimore Universe. Extiction Parade, with one of the few new twists on vampires and zombies;Captain Midnight, cliche out of time story from 1948; The Wake 2, secrets revealed and implied; Black Beetle 4 with LABYRINTO! American Vampire Long Road to Hell with the reurn of the Greaser. I can’t pronounce Golem. Uber 2 and the Nazi Avengers; DHP with Fraction. Star Wars 6, showing us clever but difficult to believe escapes, 10 Grand, Supernatural Investigation at it’s most flat and boring; Lazarus, the dystopiate vision of Rucka and pals; and finally, the triumphant return of the subdued but engaging ASTRO CITY! YAY!

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