Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast #22

Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast
Listen to Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast #22 right now:

Illustrator and sketch card artist Angela Capel joins Nick Marino to discuss their new Super Haters collaboration, Sheep Haters.

Hmmmmmmmm something tells me this isn’t gonna go well…

Destruct-O-Tron goads Mind’s Eye into using magic on their crying baby, resulting in an irreversible 24-year spell that turns Annabelle into a lamb.

Didn’t you hear what I just said, D-Tron?!?!? It’s irreversible!

Angela and Nick discuss the creative process behind the story and answer some fantastic questions from cartoonist Jared Catherine.

We watch Annabelle as she grows from a lamb into a sheep.

From plotting to scripting to penciling to inking to coloring, the entire artistic journey is covered in this ‘cast.

And we witness the magical day when she’s about to return to human form.

PLUS: Nick’s GIF overload and Angela’s illustrative passion for ovis aries.

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