The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode#145-“Semi-Faboo”

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We watch GingerDead Man 3, and Zombie Lake as we recap nerdy events in nerdery with Savage Dragon and Half-Life. We look at Batman 20, with it’s questionable comic book logic; Justice League 20, which is just fizzling and on the block; Amethsyst 8, which is rapidly and untidily closed out this issue. Batman Team Up 20, where red hood thinks they’re going to bond through violence; and we also question the inclusion of carie kelley where stephanie brown would work better; Dark Knight Annual, where Bats only wants a night off. Dark Knight 20, with it’s extended and kinda hardcore, nearly unending Mad Hatter arc; Legends of the Dark Knight 8 with two stories, including wooden copies of humans; we diverge quite a bit on reminiscing with LOTDK; Detective and the Emperor Penguin arc end. Gl 20, with the end of it’s monster space ark storylines, and so much more

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