Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #5

Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program
Listen to the Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #5 right now:

Scalpedcast pt 5

Hank 300 and Nick Marino face their greatest challenge yet as they take on Scalped Vol. 5: High Lonesome, a five-issue arc full of sex, drugs, and violence.

Nick ponders if Scalped is hateful towards women. Female characters seem to only show up in the story as lovers, mothers, or corpses. We discuss the issue at length, speculating on the intended audience for the story.

And there’s a new addition to the rotating team of Scalped artists — the magnificent Francesco Francavilla, whose work here is a bit looser than usual.

Also… did Catcher actually kill Gina? Hank says yes, while Nick says no.

NEXT: Scalped Vol. 6: The Gnawing and the winners of the staff picnic relay race!

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