Everything Blows with Ross and Nick #4

Everything Blows with Ross and Nick
Listen to Everything Blows #4 right now:

Ross Campbell has two new releases in comic shops today — Glory Vol. 2: War Torn and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Villains Micro-Series – Alopex #4. And we’re talkin’ about both of ’em, goddamn it!!!

We kick off the podcast with a recap of Ross’s collaboration with Joe Keatinge on Rob Liefeld’s Glory from Image Comics. Nick Marino just read the 12 issues from cover to cover and he’s got some thoughts about the experience. Plus, Ross shares his favorite and least favorite things to draw in the story, from waffles for breakfast to early 20th century France.

Then we discuss the new Alopex issue from IDW’s TMNT Villains Micro-Series. It’s a fruitful collaboration with Brian Lynch (and Heather Nunnelly!) that artfully digs into Alopex’s animal origins and sets a path for the character’s future.

After that, we discuss the Twilight audiobook chapters 1-6. Nick hates the tedious character descriptions while Ross loves all of the emotional teen drama.

Next: Twilight chapters 7-12 and our favorite SDCC announcements.

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