Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #4

Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program
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Scalpedcast pt 4

Hank 300 and Nick Marino begin their discussion of Scalped Vol. 4: The Gravel in Your Guts with a look the storytelling of Davide Furnò and R. M. Guéra, the two artists responsible for the comics in this collection.

Furnò’s two-parter, The Boudoir Stomp, feels distinctly different from the stories that Jason Aaron writes for Guéra. It’s a much more direct and introspective tale, with lots of close-ups and character studies.

However, Guéra’s work has established the overall visual tone of Scalped and his approach tends to heavily integrate characters with settings. Also, Guéra’s close character shots are more abstract than Furnò’s direct, emotional images.

Many of our questions from last week’s discussion were promptly addressed by these comics, Scalped #19-24. We get Carol’s backstory, a flashback involving Wade (Dash’s father), and a lot of character development for Dino Poor Bear.

And we speculate on the fate of Lincoln Red Crow. Hank wonders when he’ll die, while Nick wonders if he’ll die at all. Will Red Crow become the hero of Scalped? Or will he remain an anti-villain, redeemed only by a tragic-but-inevitable death?

NEXT: Scalped Vol. 5: High Lonesome and a recap of the Allegheny Teen Center’s Christmas in July festivities.

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