Previews Spotlight #069: 2013-07

John Mayo discusses the contents of the July 2013 Previews catalog and plays clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 2 other podcasts/blogs represented this month:
Comics Alternative
Welcome to Heavenside

and 2 listeners:
Ian Gowan

Items mentioned:
p.30 (Ian Gowan) Star Wars (Lucas Draft) #1 DCBS 50%
p.35 (Derek Royal) Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story HC DCBS 50%
p.52 (John Mayo) BRAIN BOY #1 DCBS 50%
p.57 (Drew) Mind MGMT #15
p.58 (Derek Royal) Resident Alien Suicide Blonde #1 DCBS 50%
p.60 (Derek Royal) Bandette HC
p.99 (Drew) Batman #23.1 The Joker
p.116 (John Mayo) BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE #1 DCBS 50%
p.131 (Derek Royal) Fairest in All the Land HC DCBS 50%
p.148 (Derek Royal) Power Puff Girls #1
p.153 (John Mayo) BLACK DYNAMITE #1 (OF 4) DCBS 50%
p.167 (Drew) Locke and Key: 100-Penny Press
p.173 (Derek Royal) Haunted Horror HC
p.178 (Derek Royal) Sex Criminals #1
p.184 (John Mayo) REALITY CHECK #1 DCBS 50%
p.186 (Ian Gowan) Zero #1
p.186 (Damian Smith) Zero #1
p.190 (Drew) Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth #5
p.191 (Derek Royal) Multiple Warheads: Down Fall #1
p.192 (Derek Royal) Century West OGN
p.M17 (John Mayo) INFINITY HEIST #1 (of 4) DCBS 50%
p.M48 (Drew) Daredevil: Dark Nights
p.232 (Damian Smith) Steampunk Halloween 2013 #1
p.238 (Derek Royal) Cow Boy SC v2
p.255 (John Mayo) GOD IS DEAD #1 DCBS 50%
p.269 (Drew) Hit #1 DCBS 50%
p.271 (Damian Smith) Sons of Anarchy #1 DCBS 50%
p.285 (John Mayo) CODENAME: ACTION #1 (OF 6) DCBS 50%
p.303 (Derek Royal) Comix Retrospective Spiegleman HC / Daybreak GN
p.310 (Derek Royal) Boxers GN / Saints GN / Fairy Tale Comics HC
p.333 (Derek Royal) We Won’t See Auschwitz GN
p.342 (Drew) Super #1 DCBS 45%
p.348 (John Mayo) BLOODSHOT AND H.A.R.D. CORPS #14 DCBS 50%

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