The Mean Geek-Episode #143-“These Bagels are Dragon Man Approved”


We watch ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE and we do a quick run down of our top 5 zombie flicks; pimp the give aways for episode 150; it’s MARVEL week at the Mean Geek covering: New Avengers, where the universe is still, unendingly, in peril, and Hickman seems to not watch what he’s doing between books; diverge to note how much stuff there is to read; 2 issues of Avengers with the awe inspiring deodato and origin bombs with nightmask and starbrand. We look at F4 with blastaar and resigned ben grimm; kinda disappointed that Yancy guys are now hackers; talk Scott langs character flaws; look at uncanny avengers 6 and 7 where apocalypse fight thor; rogues gets set up and kills grim reaper; finally get to avenging spidey with fear worms and sleepwalker. Superior spidey gets covered with the ethically unethical CARDIAC; All New Xmen comes up next; go through the convoluted winter soldier; go over hawkeye and so much more.

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