Sequential Underground #70

The podcast by indie comics creators for indie comics creators!

Sequential Underground
Listen to Sequential Underground #70 right now:

Nick Marino and Shawn Atkins chat with three dedicated cartoonists who are working to crowdfund print editions of their webcomics.

Heather Nunnelly (co-host of the AudioShocker’s VACANT Bits podcast) wants to create a graphic novel of the first six issues of VACANT. She’s steadily been working to reach her funding goal on Kickstarter (and as of today, she’s fully funded! YAY!!).

Heather pitches the VACANT graphic novel in her Kickstarter video

Dave Wachter (who appeared on last year’s Sequential Underground #33) has exceeded his Kickstarter goal for a hardcover collection of The Guns of Shadow Valley. Thanks to extremely careful planning and thoughtful incentives, Dave has created a successful campaign.

The Guns of Shadow Valley collection on display from its Kickstarter video

Burned by past attempts at crowdfunding, Solomon Mars (often found leaving deep thoughts in the AudioShocker comments) has opted to microfund a print edition of Goblyn through commissions. Appealing directly to fans on deviantART, he’s creating a print option for readers while avoiding the stress of a failed campaign.

Solomon Mars seeks commissions like these from his deviantART fanbase

On this podcast, these three creators share their diverse crowdfunding experiences, offering advice to listeners (and often taking advice from each other).

Also, shoutout to listener Devon Purkiss. He’s running a Kickstarter campaign for his western comic book, The Cowboy and the Goliath. Check it out!

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