Sidekickcast Episode 80 – Giant-Size Sidekickcast


At Last–the inevitable return of the Sidekicks!
It’s been a while so your Sidekicks, Gavin and Dan, are bustin up a bumper episode to get back into the swing of things.
This episode her about how the sidekicks became Iron Man and then¬† the boys finally talk about Iron Man Three and set phasers to sidekick as they also review Star Trek: Into Darkness.¬† Sprinkle in a bit of news about Stiffs abd the Pride 2’s too along with SHIELD Trailer breakdown and we’re back with the sections you know and love, yo!
In Stack attack Dan talks about his revitalized love for comics through trades. Bones reviews the controversial Saga, honorable mentions to Uncanny X-Men (where the guys deconstruct Cyclopsn via Bendis’ writing), Hawkeye, Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Grey, Ten Grand,Aliens Vs Parker and re-inventing the Indy plan with Brian K Vaughn’s Private Eye.
We triumphantly return with Stack Attack where Dan has a great chance to catch up in the ever-closing gap. Finally as it’s the wee hours and they guys have been joined by Gentleman Jack, The Sidekicks pitch their new outro ideas…then fighting ensues!

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