The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #142-“Clayface Is Your Cheese Course”

We ramble about Kung Fu Joe; argue about keeping bad books around; talk harlan ellison’s insanity; debate the goodness of characters with beards, focusing on Riker; we launch into the the DC books for the month. Rev explains how 52 Batman is like Invincible; Batman 19 with Clayface, Detective 19; The corruption in the Gotham PD; move to BATMAN TEAM UP with Batman and Red Robin. I have great difficulties with Bruce going into alchemy and 18th century for resurrecting damian. LOTDK 7 was fun but weird. Dark Knight 19 trudges to a some-day finale; finally leave Bats for Amethyst; hit JL and it’s disappointments; we hit Constantine 2.  Li’l Gotham confuses me. The new Green Arrow we picked to start off was an incorrect pick, and so much more.

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