A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick #163

A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick

Listen to A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick #163 right now!

First off… GO SUPPORT THE VACANT KICKSTARTER by Heethar Noonully. Okay, did you give it money? Good. Now we may proceed.

After Kaylie McDougal confesses her hatred for Bill Murray and Nick Marino drops a shoutout to illustrator Summer Suzuki, we BARF up a storm with ALF s1 e23 and ALF s1 e24! Kaylie got screencaps and Nick got screencaps.

Next up, Kaylie and Nick talk about their respective reasons for why they hate getting haircuts. Then Nick shares a whimsical review of his recent Nik Furious EP and talks about pitching to SlothPunchClub.com.

That transitions into a discussion about naming characters, which leads into Kaylie’s new comics project. It’s a sci-fi mystery inspired by Heavy Rain.

After the end theme, we review (with SPOILERS!) The More They Stay Insane by Skipper Martin, Adam Huntley, Michael Spicer, and Thomas Mauer. It’s a challenging psychological western tale from Outlaw Territory Vol. 3, now available digitally from Comixology, this Wednesday in American comic shops, and July 9 from Amazon.

Next: We finish off the first season with ALF s1 e25 and ALF s1 e26. And then we review the critically acclaimed utterly obscure Disco Worms.

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