VACANT Bits #16

Listen to VACANT Bits #16 right now:

Heather and Michelle Nunnelly talk about VACANT’s Kickstarter that just launched to print a Vol. 1 graphic novel. Then they talk about the heated debate on the ending of Issue 4 of the series.

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After a quick review of Warm Bodies, Heather and Michelle do a compare and contrast between Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek Into Darkness. They go into which one they feel was better made and which one was a flop.

Sherlock Khan vs. Montalbán Khan

Last, they review Man of Steel. Heather disliked the movie, but Michelle liked it. This is the first time they’ve ever disagreed on a movie. They discuss their opinions.

Faora Ul in Man of Steel

But even though they have different opinions about the new Superman film, they both thought Faora-Ul kicked ass.

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