Everything Blows with Ross and Nick #2

Everything Blows with Ross and Nick
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Our contest winner from Everything Blows #1 is Jason Averill, who cast Vanilla Ice as Captain America. Jason’s won a copy of the 1990 Captain America movie on Blu-ray! Read on to find out how you can be next episode’s lucky winner…

After Ross Campbell and Nick Marino discuss two sets of wacky Laser Mission movie covers, they review Kelly‘s favorite 90s action movie, Rapid Fire.

Rapid Fire kick!

Brandon Lee is Jake Lo, an art student with a traumatic past who gets swept up in a battle between two drug kingpins. Nick got screencaps, Ross got screencaps, and Ross got even more screencaps.

CONTEST TIME: We want you to dream up the sequel to Rapid Fire! Tell us the title of your sequel and give us a one-sentence elevator pitch in the comments on the AudioShocker. One lucky winner will receive a custom movie cover to their Rapid Fire sequel drawn by Nick.

Brandon Lee in Rapid Fire

We follow up our Rapid Fire review with a discussion of the latest and greatest comic news! Get excited for Justice League 3000, thrill to Marvel’s creative changes, learn about The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, and explore your romantic side with the new Superman/Wonder Woman series.

Also, did Ross and Nick predict the ending to Age of Ultron waaaay back on November’s A Podcast with Ross and Nick #142?

Wolverine in Claw Force

Finally, after the end theme we expose Chris Sims and Comics Alliance‘s attempt to get EXTREME by reviewing X-Men: The Animated Series. CAN HE WEATHER THE STORM LIKE WE DID?!?!?

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