Everything Blows with Ross and Nick #1

Everything Blows with Ross and Nick
Listen to Everything Blows #1 right now:

Ross Campbell is back! From the ashes of the EXTREME challenge, Ross returns to the AudioShocker for a brand new podcast featuring the same ol’ conversation! Nick Marino is riding shotgun and Kelly Thompson is a backseat driver as the three friends plow into the massive mess that is the 1990 Captain America movie.

Matt Salinger as Captain America

Shout! Factory has put this superhero b-movie on Blu-ray for the first time and provided us with a review copy… a review copy that could become yours! We’re raffling off this movie to one lucky listener. Here’s how to win it:

In the comments on the AudioShocker, tell us who Marvel Comics and Cannon Films should have cast in this Captain America film. Bonus points for Photoshoping a mask onto the actor’s face OR drawing your own artist’s rendering. (And remember, this movie came out in 1990! So Tom Hiddleston doesn’t count.)

You could win this Captain America Blu-ray!

But this isn’t all about Crap-tain America. We also talk about Ross’s exciting casting news (HINT: Guardians of the Galaxy), Kelly’s new gig writing an Alfred miniseries, and Nick’s progress reading listening to The Girl Who Would Be King.

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